On a recent lecture trip to China, Dr. Abbie Clinics namesake, Dr Abbie Najjarine, met Edward Chen and his parents, who wanted their son to be assessed by him.

Edward had back pain and right hip pain due to having scoliosis (curve of the spine) and was given exercises to help.

On examination Dr Abbie found he also had pigeoned angles on his feet and tight gluteals due to compensating for this pigeon toed position.

In addition, he assessed that Edward has a structural leg length shorter on the left by approx 10 mm.

Dr Abbie moulded orthotics devices and raised his leg, proving an instant correction to his gait. He also stopped in-toeing.

His mum (pictured outside the restaurant in the photos shown here) said walking to the restaurant Edward had no pain. That’s how quickly pain relief can occur if the #biomechanics are corrected and aligned.

For Edward’s assessment Dr Abbie used his unique NBA technique.

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