The Practitioners

Dr Abbie Najjarine

Podiatric Biomechanical Practitioner

M.A.Pod.A Pod (QMU) UK, Dip Hlth Sc Pod (NSW) Dip Sport Inj (ACNT), Dip Rem M(ACNT), SMA, AAPSM Author of the “Orthotic Revolution”

Dr Abdul (Abbie) Najjarine is an internationally renowned podiatric biomechanical practitioner and lectures in his unique easy to understand Najjarine Assessment System (NAS). Dr Najjarine is based in Sydney, Australia, where he has gained 26 years of clinical experience treating patients with lower limb biomechanical dysfunction.

In addition to providing clinical treatment, Dr Najjarine lectures extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe and Asia, educating a wide range of medical professionals in lower limb biomechanical assessment and treatment techniques, joint mobilisation, prolotherapy, neuraltTherapy, a unique dry needling technique, strapping and physical therapy treatments.

He is also co-founder and inventor of the patented ICB “Dual Density Orthotic”, Inventor of the Patented Footronics football “Kick trainer”. Dr Najjarine is the Director of AOL Footcare centre since 1993, Director and founder of the International College of Biomechanics since 1996, Director of ICB medical Since 2000, ICB gait and Posture Clinics since 2003. He has been in private practice since 1990 giving him extensive experience in the prescription and application of orthotic therapy. Dr Najjarine has treated in excess of 200,000 patients in the last 26 years.

Dr Ibrahim Coban

Podiatric Biomechanical Practitioner

Mast. Podiatric Medicine/ B. Hlth Science WSU, SMA, AAPSM

Dr Ibrahim Coban joined the AOL Gait and Posture team (part of Dr. Abbie Clinics) in 2016 at the Kirrawee centre.  He has assisted in lecturing nationally to all different allied health disciplines about lower limb biomechanics, assessments, conditions and how to rectify these dysfunctions/ imbalances in the body. He is dedicated to finding and treating the cause of the biomechanical problem and not the signs and symptoms that may be presented to us.

Dr Coban has been a lifelong player of the game of soccer, playing football at a national level.  When knee and ankle injuries prevented him to advance in his football career, it was Dr Abbie Najjarine that helped him get back into the game.’

It was for this reason that Ibrahim chose to become a podiatrist so he could be able to provide the same gold standard of care and assistance he was given.

Dr Coban has a keen interest in all aspects of podiatry, with a particular focus in sports podiatry, paediatrics and biomechanics. So whether it is poor running technique, repetitive overuse injuries, sporting injuries, correcting children’s gait patterns along with improved posture, rest assured he will get to the core of the issue.

He has also gained advanced certification in lower limb biomechanics including gait and posture anaylsis (including the use of state of the art video treadmill technology), custom made orthotics, orthotic casting, lower limb manipulations and mobilisations, dry needling techniques, shockwave therapy, prolotherapy injection, neural injections, hair mineral sample analysis and sports injury management for treatment in podiatric conditions.

Dr Coban is an active member of The Australian Podiatry Association (NSW and ACT), Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM) and Sports Medicine Australia (SMA

Dr Nicholas Lowe

Podiatric Biomechanical Practitioner

B. Podiatry, M.A.Pod.A, SMA, AAPSM

Dr Nicholas Lowe‘s educational background includes a Bachelor of Podiatry at the University of Newcastle with further qualifications at the AOL Academy: Introduction and Advanced Lower Limb Biomechanics, with certifications in foot mobilisation, dry needling, orthotic fabrication and injection therapy.  He is also a qualified Personal Trainer (Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness) with Effective Movement Training (EMT) CEC. He was further trained at The Athletes Foot as a ‘fit technician’ and has a sound knowledge of footwear prescription which is an essential of podiatric biomechanics.

“Thorough assessment of lower limb biomechanics is imperative to ensuring appropriate treatment outcomes. This requires a methodical approach when assessing the foot, ankle, knee and hip to direct the treatment modalities; these structures have an intricate relationship that continue further into the upper skeletal and soft tissue systems. Combination therapy is key.”

Some of his typical patients include:

  • A young elite soccer player (13 years of age!) suffering with bilateral (both left and right) knee pain is  now training 3 times a week and a full weekend game pain free!
  • School students (primary/secondary and prep!) who are unable to keep up with their school activities (frequent tripping, lack of balance, coordination and control) that refuse to take part are now participating without any limitations- benefiting their physical and mental well-being.
  • The busy working parents standing on their feet all day suffering from heel pain (plantar fasciitis), knee pain, hip pain and low back pain that cannot afford to stop the daily demands- they continue the daily grind with less pain and discomfort.
  • An elderly lady who requires surgical intervention however is denied due to her medical conditions now necessitates ongoing conservative treatment to maintain her quality of life.

Andrew Saunderson

Movement Scientist

M.A.Pod.A, B. Health Science (Movement Science) Usyd, Current student of B. Podiatric Medicine WSU, SMA, AAPSM

Andrew Saunderson is a health and movement scientist and podiatric biomechanics assistant who has been with AOL since early 2015. Andrew ensures his intervention is holistic and client centred, and strives to assist patients in reaching their goals. Andrew is passionate about the benefits of shockwave therapy, dry needling, massage, mobilisation techniques, stretches and exercise, used as an adjunct to orthotic therapy in optimising biomechanical restoration.

Coming from a sport and health background, Andrew assists patients to overcome barriers preventing them from engaging in the things that they love. Andrew has previously competed in athletics, Latin and Ballroom Dancing at State and National levels, and currently enjoys functional resistance training and basketball. Thus Andrew understands the importance of how biomechanical imbalance can negatively affect patient quality of life. Andrew’s assistance in lower limb massage techniques, shockwave therapy, dry needling, orthotic socks, and vitamins and minerals, collectively rectifies these imbalances, in addition to orthotic therapy, to help restore a healthy and happy patient quality of life. Additionally, Andrew provides assistance in general treatments such as nail surgery (ingrowns), removal of corns and callus as well as preperation of neural therpay, prolotherapy and casts for orthoses.

Andrew is currently receiving training in orthotic laboratory skills, biomechanics, vitamin and mineral prescription, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis along with his podiatric medicine studies whereby once completed he will be joining the team as a podiatric biomechanical practitioner.

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