The City to Surf Expo 2018 was a great success.  At the event we were able to help runners and visitors with their foot health questions, provide biomechanical assessments and provide an adjustment here and there.

Explaining the variety of things we do as podiatrists is important, as too many think its just about cutting toenails, so this was a great opportunity to talk to the public about our work.

The feet are the foundations of the body and our approach is to find where the issues are, whether in the biomechanics of the feet and lower limbs or elsewhere, that are causing pain or discomfort. Our view is holistic so we often work with other health care professionals when treating patients.

Our patients are varied but many are children, people who play sports, people with disabilities and have other adult conditions.  Getting people back on their feet and to comfort is our goal. That is why our motto is:

We treat the cause, not just the symptoms!

Here is a video of Dr. Abbie in action plus some photos of the event – enjoy!

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