Dr. Abbie Clinics (previously known as AOL Footcare Centres) were first established in 1990 as a network of practitioner referral centres, with over 250,000 patients having been assessed and treated thus far. Dr. Abbie Clinics and their highly trained practitioners specialise in biomechanical assessment. Each practitioner is trained to provide treatment to combat lower limb pain and conditions which are resultant from structural and/or muscular irregularities.

The Dr. Abbie Clinics treat patients from all walks of life and have, since its inception, treated many top Australian sporting celebrities, whilst having a particular focus on children and the aged. Dr. Abbie Clinics takes pride in offering quality, customised service and care to its patients.

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  • Managing Director and Founder

Dr Abbie Najjarine is an experienced  podiatrist with additional qualifications in clinical biomechanics, sports injury, myotherapy and acupuncture.

Dr Najjarine is the Managing Director and the owner of Dr. Abbie Clinics (previously known as AOL Footcare Centres Australia Pty Limited).

Currently Dr Najjarine oversees a chain of Dr. Abbie Clinics in Australia which specialise in biomechanical gait assessment and orthotic therapy with a holistic approach to the treatment of pain.

The Dr. Abbie Clinics use a unique assessment technique known as the NBA technique, developed by Dr Najjarine, to assess, identify and map out a treatment regime for patients to follow.

Dr. Abbie Clinics are world leaders in the biomechanical assessment field.

“I have gained extraordinary results through using my unique NBA (Najjarine Biomechanical Assessment) system for biomechanical assessment and treatment… over 250,000 patients can’t be wrong!” – Abbie Najjarine

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