Morton’s Neuroma

This is a condition that causes pain around the ball of your foot and usually manifests between the second, third and fourth toes. It is caused by tissue thickening around nerves that lead to your toes creating the sharp pain experienced in the ball of the foot or make your toes sting, burn or feel […]

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Achilles Pain

This is a condition that’s relatively common and can affect anyone. It is also known as tendonitis, tendinopathy and tendonosis. The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body, connecting your calf muscles to your heel bone so plays a vital role in helping you walk, run, jump, stand, climb and get around. Athletes […]

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Ankle and Knee Pain when Running Downhill

A 35 year-old male attended Dr. Abbie Clinics suffering left ankle pain and knee pain in both knees following running activities, reporting it was worse when running downhill. On assessment using our unique Najjarine Biomechanical Assessment (NBA), we found the following: The patient has what is termed internal tibial torsion (pigeon toed angle), which is […]

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Ballet – The Beauty and the Blisters

Most young girls have wanted to be one. They have dreamed of theatre lights flooding a misty stage while elegantly pirouetting on pointe, dressed in tiara and tulle, gracefully dancing the Swan Lake or Romeo and Juliette ballet with a divinely handsome man, full with theatre make-up. It’s a magical thought but the magic gifted […]

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Children’s Feet and Legs can be Corrected!

By Dr Abbie Najjarine (podiatrist) Does your child complain of pains in the legs and feet at night? Are they clumsy and continually ‘trip’ over? Do they feel their legs are tired after walking? I often see parents bringing their children to the clinic citing that they suffer from growing pains and I get asked: […]

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Choosing Shoes

  Straight last – bisect the heel counter and draw a straight line – it should bisect the 2nd mp joint. Semi curve lasted – when connected to the 2nd mp joint – will be curved straight line bisects the 3rd mp joint. Curved lasted straight line will bisect the 4th mp joint.

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We Treat the Cause, Not Just the Symptoms

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