Adult Conditions

    • Heel Pain

      Heel pain is commonly caused by strain being placed on the fascia which runs between the toes and the heel. This can cause a bony growth at the heel – known as a heel spur.

    • Aching Legs

      The main cause of tired and aching legs is stress and traction on the calf muscles at the rear of the leg. This is the result of excess pronation (feet rolling inwards) and the resultant internal leg rotation.

    • Knee Pain

      When our feet roll inwards, the tibia (lower leg) rotates internally, exerting pressure, twisting the knee cap and damaging the surrounding muscle structure.

    • Back Pain

      When the feet roll inwards (excess pronation) causing the legs to rotate internally, the pelvis tilts forwards causing an increase in the curvature of the lower back. This results in increased stress on ligaments, cartilage and nerves.

    • Hip Pain

      Most hip pain is caused by a biomechanical anomaly.  A structural short leg (known as a true short leg because the bone is short) can cause the longer leg to jam into the hip joint creating pain and conditions like tendonitis, bursitis and osteoarthritis.  In addition, if one foot rolls in (pronates) more than the other, this causes the leg to shorten, making the other leg functionally longer again resulting in hip pain and the conditions already noted. Other factors that cause hip pain are tight muscles in the lower limbs which can be easily analysed, assessed, identified and treated.

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