Children’s Conditions

    • Osgood Schlatter Syndrome

      This condition is caused by irregularities in the rate of bone formation and growth of soft tissue. Osgood Schlatter Syndrome is identified by the presence of a lump at the base of the knee. It can be exacerbated by internal tibial rotation caused by pronation and results in knee pain originating at the top of the shin bone.

    • Growing Pains

      ‘Growing pains’ do not exist! If growing pains were a normal occurrence, then all children would experience it – this is not the case. ‘Growing pains’ are actually a biomechanical anomaly associated with growth spurts and can be treated.

    • Pigeon Toe and Out Toe

      Around 85% of the population is either pigeon toed or out toed. Pigeon toe can occur from an internal torsion of the shin bone or as a result of tight groin muscles. Out toed is associated with external torsion and/or tight gluteals, or external hip rotator muscles.

    • Sever’s Disease

      This is not a ‘growing pain’ condition. Sever’s disease is associated with excessive pronation which affects the heels of children aged 9-12 years. There is a higher incidence among boys and very active children. It is characterised by soreness and tenderness at the rear of the heel, and the pain increases when the child stops running and when rising from the seated position.

Does Your Child Suffer With

  • Growing Pains
  • Balance
  • Control
  • Coordination
  • Low muscle tone
  • Pigeon toed
  • Out-toed
  • Bow legs
  • Knocked knees
  • Stomach pains
  • Foot pains
  • Leg pains
  • Postural problems
  • Gait problems
  • Scoliosis
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